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A quick update.

No, I haven’t given up on my blog. I’ve been busy putting a few things through the ringer (climbing, hiking, drinking beer, and horseback riding) to see if they deserve my ‘Shit that lasts” approval. As some of you may know, I used to be a Patagonia “loyalist” so to speak. It used to be all I wore. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed the quality of Patagonia’s casual wear has gone down hill recently. Not sure if they’ve decided to concentrate more on their technical gear or something, but needless to say I’m no longer a loyalist. One thing I find quite interesting is after I wrote about their Wavefarer’s, there was a little “Gifts that last” link on their website. It’s no longer there and I thank them for taking it down. I mean, I wouldn’t feel too good if I was a marketing major working for a bigger corporation and stole something from an uneducated, dirty, ole Army dude.

Anyways, I’ve been wearing a few things from a different company, and it’s safe to say they’ve gained a customer for life. As for my blog, here are a few things that you will be reading about in the near future: Chaco’s Z/1 Yampa Sandals and Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pants. A review of the Alpine Utility Pants from Mountain Khakis will be coming also. I’m using them primarily as my work pants at my landscaping job. They are listed as a “work pant” and I have a slight feeling they are going to end up being one badass work pant. I’ll also be posting my first “Shit that doesn’t last” post. Not sure that one will be reposted on the companies Twitter and Facebook page, but we will see.

So there you have it. I haven’t given up, I’ve just been “busy”. Busy having a blast beating the shit out of clothes.

If you do shit like this, you probably need shit that lasts.


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